Carpet, of course:
Comfortable and warm, absorbs dust and airborne particles

Advantages for allergy patients read further in the PDF.
Carpet or a shiny floor?

Comfort and warmth are generally the advantages attributed to carpet compared to a shiny floor.

But; have you ever thought about your household environment.

Dust and other airborne particles are a great discomfort for people and pets.

Especially for allergy patients and those who suffer pulmonary problems.

Shiny floors raise the chance of increased concentrations of airborne fine dust particles while the use of carpets actually minimizes this chance.

Carpets and rugs absorb and hold the particles until they are sucked up by the vacuum cleaner

Carpets/rugs versus shiny floor
Carpet and rug characteristics shiny floor characteristics
feels warm to touch feels cold to touch
carpet absorbs and holds airborne particles dust particles floating freely through the air
sound better acoustically sounds hollow
absorbs sound amplifies sound
soft and comfortable surface hard surface
safe, uneven, prevents slipping and sliding smooth, easy to slip
easy on the pets legs and joints pets slip and slide, bad for their legs and hips
dirt is less visible dirt is visible
uniform surface image visible dull and shiny spots
easy maintenance when high quality easy maintenance when high quality
easily replaceable labour intensive replacement
Would you like to change to carpeting but also want to keep your valuable hard floor?
Cunera makes carpets to size, so also wall-to-wall.
With a wall-to-wall carpet you enjoy all the benefits of a carpet, you keep your valuable floor, and last but not least you have none of the rigmarole of laying.