CUSTOMISED cleaning and maintenance of your Cunera carpet
Cunera has had all qualities involved in the product range tested at James: the leading specialist in the maintenance and cleaning of flooring.

The results of these tests yield the guaranteed best maintenance advice.
We have drawn up a form to fill in for your personal maintenance advice.
The advice is customised both for first aid with fresh stains and stains that have already been present longer.

Go here for the form to fill in your customised maintenance advice

For specified maintenance link the buttons above.

General maintenance and care
The floor coverings, carpets and bamboo products require simple care.

Floor coverings and carpets.
For a long life, hoover regularly and keep humidity levels at 60 - 70% with a plant spray.
Treat spots as quickly as possible.
First dab when dry and then dab with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Do not rub and finish with a dry cloth. (See text under "tailored maintenance").

For stubborn or old spots we recommend "EnviroDri" powder.

Read the instructions on the pack
A complete range of cleaning and maintenance products.
James, our partner in maintenance.