Origin of seagrass
Seagrass carpet actually derives its name from its raw material.
Seagrass is a long grass species growing in brackish beds along the coasts of China.
The grass is harvested when it has grown to a certain length. Depending on whether it is a wet or dry harvesting period the seagrass can have a browner colour with the one harvest or a greener one with the other.
The grass is then turned to a thread and twined to form a yarn, before being be rinsed on bobbins and woven to form the end product;
After this stage the rolls are checked and given a latex backing.

Because the coarse basic material is used as the material for the seagrass products, the woven end product will always display irregularities to a greater or lesser extent. This is inherent to the material and increases the charm of the product.
The maintenance of seagrass is simple. Regular vacuum cleaning is often sufficient. Stains are usually simple to remove. (Ask the supplier about this).
Too low air humidity can affect the life of the fibre because it dries out, becomes brittle, so wears more quickly.
Occasionally moistening with a mister during dry periods or conditions with low air humidity can therefore do no harm at all.
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