Endless. Cunera.

Only one world

the focus on sustainability for an endless, sustainable world

Our vision inspires us to make high-quality carpets and rugs from sustainable, natural resources. We have been committed to a healthy company for almost 150 years, always taking into account our effect on the environment. And we have an eye on the social aspects within and outside our organisation, in order to find a balance between the interests of people and their environment.

Sustainability according to cunera. endless. cunera.


only one world

There is only one world. Which is now home to more than 7 billion inhabitants, who jointly have the responsibility of handing down this world to future generations, to the best of our ability. With understanding for an individual interpretation, from both a cultural and personal perspective.

focus on sustainability

To achieve longevity and a healthy world, we focus on sustainability. On providing products that are in balance with the environment. Leaving room for everyone, of every background and origin. Individualism in a multiform society, with a focus on the environment.