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Cunera Flooring's history goes back to 1870.

In 1870, Messrs Lucas van Wijngaarden and Jan van der Graaff founded a company "for the sale and manufacture of carpets, mats, cow blankets and related articles". The company was called "L. van Wijngaarden - De Volharding", later renamed "L. van Wijngaarden & Sons Carpets and Mats Factory" and finally, to its present-day name, "Cunera Flooring, Home Textiles and Furniture BV". Or just, Cunera. For decades, Cunera has been producing coconut runners, rugs and mats.

Even during difficult years when consumers had a preference for synthetic carpets, at cunera, our focus remained on natural floor covering options. And with great success! In the mid-1980s, thanks to increasing environmental awareness, consumers increasingly began switching to cunera products. Cunera then began to supply a full collection of broadloom, rugs, runners and mats, both nationally and internationally, with the motto Living On Nature. The basic materials for these were coconut, sisal, seagrass, paper, leather, wool and combinations of these.





In 1995, on its 125th birthday, cunera received a royal award and the royal designation, "national supplier by royal appointment".