Origin of seagrass

Origin of seagrass

seagrass grows in the brackish areas along china's coasts

seagrass from china

Seagrass carpet derives its name from its raw material. Seagrass is a long grass that grows on the brackish coastlines in China. When this grass has reached the perfect length, it is harvested. Depending on how wet or dry the season has been, the seagrass may turn out to be a bit browner for one harvest and a bit greener for the next harvest. The grass is then spun into a thread and twisted into a yarn, after which it is ready to be spooled onto bobbins and woven into the final product. After this, the rolls are checked and fitted with a latex backing.

the charm of a real natural product

Because seagrass is the raw material for the product, the coarse base material will always contain certain irregularities. This is part and parcel of the material and increases the product’s unique charm. Seagrass is easy to maintain. Regular vacuuming is often sufficient. Stains are often easily removed. (Consult the supplier about this). Too low an air humidity can have a negative effect on the fibre lifetime because it dries out more quickly, becomes brittle and shows signs of wear more quickly. Occasionally moistening the air with a mist sprayer during dry periods, or in an environment with low humidity, can do no harm.