Origin of bamboo

Origin of bamboo

bamboo is extremely suitable as a substitute for conventional wood!

Bamboo is a fast-growing type of grass. There are more than 1500 species worldwide. The “giant bamboo” grows in (sub-)tropical area, up to 15 to 30 meters tall. It can have a trunk circumference of 35 cm or more and can grow up to 30 to 50 cm per day!


The most important bamboo areas are in China. This is where the “Phyllostachys pubescens” (or “MOSO”) grows, which is suitable for parquet use thanks to its fine structure. The plant grows in vast primeval forests, but also on plantations managed by farmers. About 1/3 of the number of bamboo stems can be cut annually without the size of the stock decreasing.

a substitute for wood

Bamboo is the fastest growing natural resource in the world and is very useful in the fight against deforestation. Applications include protection against erosion, protection of water catchment areas, soil restoration, natural vegetation for the living environment and… it is an extremely good substitute for wood.