Origin of wool

Origin of wool

the best types of wool come from new zealand

the best wool from new zealand

Wool grows like a thick coat around the sheep. This coat is shorn off once a year. After shearing the wool undergoes cleaning, spinning, twisting into to yarn, and then it can be used for the production of carpets and rugs.

Cunera ensures that the best quality types of wool are used. The best types of wool come from New Zealand, mainly due to the sheep’s diet, which affects the quality of the fur.

organic and sustainable

Wool is durable and biodegradable and relatively easy to maintain. Wool is very good for improving acoustics and absorbs up to 10 times more annoying noises than, for example, a hard floor.

Wool has a comfort-enhancing effect because it is heat-insulating, has a large capacity to absorb moisture without feeling damp, retains dust (which is good for air quality) and is naturally a resilient fibre.