Envirodri dry carpet cleaner

Envirodri dry carpet cleaner

The Envirodri Pro40 is a dry carpet cleaner with microsponges. This cleaning powder is one of the most innovative and advanced dry carpet cleaners on the market. It attracts and absorbs dirt from all kinds of carpets, rugs and staircases. The millions of tiny spongy beads are enriched with a special blend of cleaning components for optimal cleaning power. The professional carpet cleaner with micro-sponges absorbs dirt and odors deep into the carpet pile.

Benefits of Envirodri PRO40:

  • After application, you can re-enter the surface immediately
  • Ready to use and easy to remove
  • The microsponges absorb dirt deep from the fibers of the pile
  • No sticky residue or water spots
  • Immediately ready to use, with a wonderful fragrance
  • Material-friendly, with no risk of shrinkage or discoloration
  • Suitable for all types of carpet, rugs and staircases

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Product specifications
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750 grams


Green tea




Good for cleaning approximately 20m2


Carpet cleaner in powder form

Suitable for

All types of carpets, rugs and staircases


Powder, micro-sponges


No, not soluble

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