Our quality Alassio is a woven product of 100% felted wool, which makes it feel very comfortable. Due to its flat weave structure and pile weight of almost 1300 gr. p/m2 and is suitable for heavy residential use. It is also possible to use this carpet in rooms with underfloor heating.

Our Alassio collection consists of 5 beautiful natural colours and has a jute backing.

Our 100% Tencel® quality ‘Como’ offers numerous possibilities to give your interior a unique and chic look. Due to the production process, hand tufting, it is possible to create a fully customized rug with a maximum size of 10.00 x 5.00 meters. The Tencel fiber is coated with a dirt-resistant coating during the production process, which makes it more maintenance-friendly than other Tencel or Viscose fibers and gives you more time to treat stains. See also the photo in our example where water stays on the carpet instead of soaking directly into it.

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With this quality we offer you 70(!) color options and it is also possible to combine colors. In addition, we offer the possibility to determine the pile height yourself. This can be made in a 12, 14 and/or 16 mm high pile where a choice can also be made between a cut pile and a loop pile.

Give your interior that unique and chic look with our quality COMO!