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Why carpet?

comfortable. warm. hygienic.

Carpet also improves acoustics, dampens sound and is easy to maintain

Comfort and warmth are the key advantages that a carpet floor boasts compared to a smooth floor. But have you ever thought about your indoor environment? Dust and other suspended particles are a major inconvenience for humans and animals, especially for allergy sufferers or people suffering from respiratory problems.

Smooth floors increase the chance of a higher concentration of fine dust particles, while fabric floors decrease this chance. Carpets and rugs absorb the particles and hold them until they're vacuumed away.

Carpet and rug versus smooth floor
Carpet and rug characteristics
feels warm
carpet absorbs suspended particles and retains them
gives better acoustics
muffles sound
soft, comfortable surface
safe, non-slip
friendly to pets' legs and joints
friendly to pets' legs and joints
a uniform look
good quality carpets are maintenance-friendly
easily replaceable
Smooth floor characteristics
feels cold
dust particles float freely around the room
sounds hollow
amplifies sounds
hard surface
smooth, easy to slip
pets slip, bad for legs and hips
dirt is visible more quickly
visible dull and smooth spots
good quality floors are maintenance-friendly
labour intensive when replacing