Maintenance sisal & cocnut

Maintenance sisal & coconut

Enjoy your sisal, coconut or seagrass carpet for years to come with proper maintenance

These carpet types are easy to care for. Regular vacuuming, depending on how often they’re used, is the first and most important requirement. In rooms where there is a low relative humidity, it is advisable to increase the moisture percentage in the air to 60 to 70% using a sprayer from time to time. A hygrometer in the room is an excellent tool. With good air humidity you can extend the life of your coconut, sisal or seagrass carpet. Protect coloured or bleached carpets from prolonged sunlight.

ATTENTION! Never soak sisal. Instead, treat with a damp cloth or brush.

Fresh stains

Remove stains immediately. Fresh, still-damp stains are the easiest to remove. Dab these immediately with a very absorbent cloth or kitchen paper. Don’t rub! This only makes the stain bigger. Many stains are water-soluble, especially immediately after the stain is caused. Dabbing with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water will, in many cases, completely or almost completely remove the stain. Remove the remaining part with a dry cloth as an after-treatment.

Have a very persistent stain? Then add some vinegar or ammonia to the lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment if necessary (again, do not rub) and then speed up the drying process with warm air from a blower (e.g. a hair dryer).

Dried-on stains

Try to scratch away dried and old stains with a spoon or the back of a knife. Always work from the outside to the heart of the stain. Then vacuum or sweep the removed material and apply the treatment mentioned before. Stains that cannot be dissolved with water can be treated with EnviroDri powder. If necessary, repeat this treatment. You can find EnviroDri powder at your local DIY store or ask them to order it for you. Some stains are very difficult to remove, especially if they cannot be treated immediately. Make sure that the stain cannot spread. Absorbent kitchen paper is great for this. To recap: leave everything that is dry to be dry, dab damp spots immediately and treat them as described above, in many cases grease stains can be removed with benzene or tri, available at the drugstore.

preventative intec stain treatment

You can easily remove marks from a ballpoint or pencil with an eraser. If you request, we’ll give the carpet or floor covering a preventative Intec treatment. This gives it even better protection against penetrating moisture and dirt. Any questions? Call us for a chat (0317) 61 90 01 or send us an email/a>.